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I'm Back!

Well hello there! I know, its been a while!

I am not entirely sure if anyone will read anymore, however I really enjoy writing, so whether it is to an audience, or not, I am going to give the blog a go again!

We have so much to catch up on right!

First of all, you may have noticed the blog name has changed. Yep, I shall no longer be defined by heartbreak *fist pumps the air*

Second of all, the catching flights not feelings in 2020 briskly went out of the window (yeah, Thanks China).

For the newcomers, if there are any, in 2019 my heart broke into a million and one pieces. I wrote everything out in a blog to process my own thoughts and feelings, and decided to post it for the world to see, to clear up some *cough* facts as to what happened. If you give a shit, the post is in the blog section under my heart break story (I have removed the story from the main page), if you don't give a shit then....that's cool too.

I will be posting about my life saving trip to Thailand, to follow up from my Dubai post.

We will then catch up on life since 2019!

Thanks for reading.

Em xxx

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