My Heartbreak Holiday

Everyone who goes through heartbreak needs a heartbreak holiday! This could be somewhere totally new, or not! My heartbreak holiday was Ibiza.

I first visited Ibiza just over 4 years ago and have been 4 times now (including the heartbreak holiday). Every time I go to Ibiza I leave another piece of my heart there! It is a truly incredible place.

At the beginning of September I was running in the gym, listening to the usual playlist made up of the weirdest combination of tracks - a bit of R n B, a bit of dance, a Queen track thrown in every now and then for good measure but once the house music started playing, and I was 3km in, I felt a sudden urge to get to the white isle. I messaged my friend who had not long been back from travelling and working Australia saying how much my music was making me want to go to Ibiza and his reply was...."well let's go then".

So there we have it, one gym session led to a holiday in Ibiza! I hate to say it has been the only gym session since everything has happened but I am working on that! In the back of my head I was a little skeptical as to whether it was the right place for my heart break holiday given I was there just a few months before on my hen do, but deep down in my heart I knew I loved Ibiza long before my hen do! So off we went!

On the way to the airport he messaged me threatening to report me to the police for stealing his screwdriver (I know), and how he was going to seek legal advice about getting all the money back off me that we paid the wedding off with because it was HIS money. Yes, you heard that correct. HE wants to seek legal advice to take ME to court so I can pay HIM back the money I paid the wedding off with. He is off his tits! Because of this I started the trip off with my anxiety through the roof, but after a few messages to my mum and dad they put my mind at ease and told me to go and have fun and that we did! We drank too much, necked shots like no tomorrow, ate KFC in our beds, we don't remember walking home and just laughed the whole time we were there. I remember sitting on that sun lounger the first evening there with a San Miguel in my hand over looking the beautiful San Antonio Bay and I felt a massive weight lifted off my shoulders!

For anyone going to Ibiza who is rocking into their late twenties and don't quite want to be around the noise 24/7 I highly recommend staying in San Antonio Bay! We stay in the Mar Amantis Hotel, it's basic but the price is good if you book at the right time's all inclusive so everyone's a winner!

There is so much to do in Ibiza! You physically cannot see and do everything even in 2 weeks but in the short time we were there we done the west end for a night (the Magaluf/Zante/Ayia Napa of Ibiza where you get your 2 drinks, 2 shots and whatever else for 10 euro). We also went to Craig David's pool party at Ibiza Rocks, Elrow at Ushiaia, we took a stroll round to Cafe Mambo and food at Ibiza Rocks Bar. I think I flew home drunk still. Oh, after Ushiaia I also got myself a little dream catcher tattoo on my ankle and.... I LOVE IT! It is also very well done. Rocking up to tattoo parlour pissed out of your head after Elrow IS NOT sensible, however if like me your going to do it anyway please visit INKADDIKT in San Antonio. We were recommended them by a bar rep so we were semi-sensible!

Experiencing heartache and heartbreak? Book a heart break holiday <3

Blog post photo - Strawberry daicquiri from my favourite little bar in Ibiza. If you go make the effort to visit it in San Antonio Bay. Here is the link

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